Wine Tours & Tasting

Wine Tours & Tasting

Between the Flavors, the History & the Scenery

All joking aside, exploring the wine region of Tuscany - in particular that of Chianti -
is an adventure for everyone!

Visiting the rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and farms between FIRENZE, SIENA e AREZZO can be exciting and illuminating...even if you never taste a drop of wine.

This marvelous scenery is what postcards are made of, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to wander the back roads and visit small towns like San DonatoSan Gusmè, and Castelnuovo Berardenga. Winding between the low lying foothills, patchwork fields of grain and sunflowers, and the meticulously cared for rows of grapes and olive groves you will find endless places to stop and take photos. And you will find numerous small and large vineyards where you can stop and tour the “cantina” or wine cellars and taste their production.

Learn the story behind the production of each bottle of wine, from the time of the pruning, to the vendemmia or harvest, through to the fermentation and aging.  Learn what makes each vintage different and delicous.

And learn why 
Chianti wine is famous worldwide.  The Chianti region is open all year and each season will offer you unforgetable memories as you tour historic wine cellars, acres upon acres of vineyards and end your personalized explanation and tour with a wine taste testing.  Buy and ship home wines that will delight friends and family at home while on site in Chianti.

You can have a  do-it-yourself tour . 

Caution: be safe. Don’t drink and drive. 

Or You might want to consider a trip through Chianti with an organized tour where the guide organizes not only the transport and the tastings, but introduces you to an authentic Chianti menu with quality pasta, cheeses and cold cuts.

 Ask us and we ll be more than glad to help you