Cooking Service & Cooking Lessons

Cooking Service & Cooking Lessons

Cooking service and Cooking Lessons a journey into flavour, taste, aroma and true passion with Our Chefs

Like anything important, what we create has evolved over time, just like the best 'spezzatino' you will ever eat that needs to sit on the stove bubbling over a low flame and have Chianti added every now and then.

Time and patience, a great team of people around us, wonderful clients (though we would prefer to call them our friends!) and a true passion for what we are doing has really made us the success we are today.

And we do add a little Chianti now and again!

One thing that visitors to Tuscany don't ever have trouble understanding is the passion that Italians have for living well and a huge part of this relates directly to time spent in the kitchen, cooking with family members, making the countless jars of 'salsa di pomodoro' in the summer that involves the young and old and the laughing around the tables during the VERY long meals... these things can only be experienced here.

You can choose among a variety of dishes, mainly drawn from the local tradition, employing only fresh, genuine ingredients listed below and that our Chefs will cook for you and let you live a Memorable Dinner... why not “al fresco”....